Samsung Xpress M2071 Driver for Windows

07 Dec 2023

Samsung Xpress M2071 Driver:

Samsung Xpress M2071 Driver is a multifunctional printer that allows you to print, scan, and copy documents easily. It has a processor that runs at 600 MHz and has 128 MB of internal memory. It has a high-resolution printing resolution of up to 1200 dpi.

Download Samsung Xpress M2071 Driver (Here)

It also supports wireless connections. To connect to a wireless network, you must first find the WPS PIN.


The Samsung Xpress M2071 Driver is a small desktop multifunction printer that prints smudge-free and clear black and white documents. This printer has a high printing resolution of 1200 dpi and it produces the first page in about 8.5 seconds. It can print up to 20 pages per minute at a normal printing mode.

So, it has a standard memory size of 128 MB and a processor speed of 600 MHz. It also comes with a 2 x 16-line LCD panel. You can connect this printer to your wireless network easily with a WPS option. The WPS button is a special code that your router uses to connect wirelessly. You will need to find this PIN and enter it into your computer to complete the setup process.

The Samsung Xpress M2071 is an efficient monochrome printer that can print up to 20 pages per minute. It has a high print resolution of 1200 dpi, which produces detailed images and crisp text. The printer is also environmentally friendly, as it has a special ECO mode that reduces the usage of toner and paper. Moreover, it has a unique smudge-free printing technology that ensures that your printed documents are always clean and precise.


Samsung Xpress M2071 Driver delivers high-quality copies that are clear and crisp, with a low-noise output on both black and white paper. The copying process can be done at a fast rate of 20 pages per minute (ppm). This printer is ideal for small-office and home-office (SOHO) businesses and is compatible with cloud printing.

Users can use the control panel buttons to customize copy settings including Reduce/Enlarge and Darkness. If the original contains dark images and faint markings, users can adjust the brightness of a copy to make it easier to read.

In addition, the C430/C480 series supports scan-to-email and mobile printing. The printers can be accessed easily from NFC-enabled smartphones, tablet PCs, or computers with the Samsung Print app. They can also be directly printed from the cloud using the Samsung Cloud Print feature. This makes these devices perfect for SOHO and small business environments that rely on mobile technology.


The Samsung SL-M2071W multifunctional printer offers a variety of scanning options, making it easy to use for business and home applications. Its scan speed of up to 20 black and white pages per minute and high paper capacity enable it to keep up with large printing jobs. It also has a compact design, so you can easily place it in your workplace without taking up valuable space.

To begin scanning, make sure the machine is turned on and connected to your computer. Open Samsung Easy Printer Manager (see Using Samsung Easy Printer Manager). Select the machine from the list and click Scan to PC Settings.

Scan to USB Memory: You can save scanned images to a USB device or folder. To do so, you must first set up a network connection on your computer and connect it to the machine (see Setting Up a Network Connection).

Send to Email: You can send the scanned image as an email attachment. To do so, you must have a configured SMTP server on your computer and have the login name and password for it. This feature may not be available depending on the model or optional goods (see Feature by models).

The scanner also includes an advanced document management program, Samsung Easy Document Creator, which helps you scan and compile documents into multiple formats. This software is provided on the supplied software CD and installed automatically when you install the machine driver (see Using Samsung Easy Document Creator).


If you have a wireless router, your M2070W can connect to it. When the printer is connected to your wireless network, your Ubuntu-based computer will automatically detect it when you go to System Settings / Printers. Click ADD PRINTER, and follow the wizard.

If your M2070W is not currently on your network, you can still print from it. Provided that it is powered and connected, you can visit your wireless printer’s web page and use the WPS button to generate a PIN code. Then, your computer can connect to it using this PIN code.

Your M2070W will work with Apple’s built-in AirPrint driver, which comes installed in Big Sur. You do not need any special drivers from Samsung or HP. You can also scan using the scanner’s on-board software, or with Apple’s Image Capture application.


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