Ralink RT5370 Driver for Windows

06 Jul 2023

Ralink RT5370 Driver For Windows:

Ralink is a famous chip manufacturer that has been a pioneer in making available to users powerful USB WiFi adapters. Its RT5370 chip is featured in famous models like the black Alfa Network AWUS036NHA which is great for establishing long-distance connections.

Download Ralink RT5370 Driver (Here)

You can manually download Ralink drivers from its official website, but it’s difficult and time-consuming. It’s recommended that you use a professional driver update utility, such as Driver Talent, to get all outdated Ralink drivers in minutes.

RT5370 Driver Download:

Ralink RT5370 is one of the most famous chips for powerful USB WiFi adapters. It works with 54mbps maximum b/g technology and is widely used in Alfa Network model AWUS036H and other brands’ devices. Its popularity is mainly due to its excellent performance and reliability in establishing connections over long distances. This chip has become a standard in most USB WiFi adapters. Since 2011, it has been acquired by MediaTek and changed from the RT series to the new MT series.

In order to download the latest Ralink RT5370 driver for Windows, you can head to MediaTek’s website, since it has turned into a brand of this company. Here you need to choose your product, click the download icon and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download. Or you can download OSToto Driver Talent, a professional-level driver download and update tool, which is able to get your outdated, corrupt, or missing Ralink drivers downloaded in minutes.

RT5370 Firmware:

There are several ways to download the Ralink RT5370 firmware. You can visit MTK’s driver download page and click your device model number. You will be prompted to enter your name and email address, submit a MediaTek SOFTWARE END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT, and then you can download the firmware. Another way to get the newest Ralink drivers is to use a reliable driver update utility, such as OSToto Driver Talent.

In Linux, the RT5370 works out of the box on Raspbian “Wheezy”. It’s very easy to configure using wicd (install with apt-get install wicd). Note that if your Raspberry Pi has the Prism54 chipset, it needs a powered USB hub for stable operation. Ralink has been sending patches to upstream rt2x00 for their new chipsets, which is a major improvement in attitude over the past. This is very encouraging! Hopefully, the trend continues. Ralink also provides GNU General Public License-licensed drivers for their older RT2500 chipsets, which are mainlined into the kernel.

RT5370 Installation Guide:

Ralink has recently made a big change in how they deal with the kernel community, and it’s very much appreciated. They have started sending patches to the upstream rt2x00 driver for their new chipsets, rather than simply dumping a huge stand-alone tarball driver on the kernel community like in the past. This is a great step forward, and it’s very important that other chip vendors follow suit, or we will never have fully working, open-source drivers for all of the wireless network interface controllers on the market.

It’s recommended that you download a free Ralink WIFI driver update tool. Like Driver Booster, to keep the drivers of your device up-to-date. Run a free drivers scan, and Driver Booster will locate all missing, corrupted, or outdated Ralink Wi-Fi drivers in seconds. You can then let the tool automatically download and install the most up-to-date Ralink drivers in minutes. Then restart your computer to make the changes take effect.


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