Oracle 19c JDBC Driver for Windows 32-bit/64-bit

17 Jan 2022

Oracle 19c JDBC Driver:

The Oracle 19c JDBC Driver is an API for accessing an Oracle database from a Java application. It uses the core and OCI libraries to enable third-generation language applications to access Oracle Database. This new driver handles all phases of SQL statement processing. It is functionally equivalent to the Thin driver but runs on the database server. It is not advisable to close an implicit connection. This new driver also supports dynamic SQL.

Download Oracle 19c JDBC Driver (Here)

There are four different types of JDBC drivers provided by Oracle. The first is the Server-Side Thin Driver, which is functionally the same as the client-side driver. This driver is designed for code that runs on the Oracle server, such as in middle-tier scenarios. The second type is the Enterprise JavaBeans driver, which supports Enterprise JavaBeans and the JDBC protocol. Both of these drivers support the Oracle platform and are available through the Maven Central guide.

Your system needs this additional Oracle Driver:

The Oracle 19c JDBC Driver comes in four different flavors. The first is the Client-Side Thin Driver, which is the same as the Client-Side Thin Driver, except that it executes code on the server-side. The second type is the Server-Side Thin Driver, which runs on the client-side. The last type uses the TTC protocol to communicate with the server. Neither driver requires additional Oracle software.

The Server-Side Thin Driver is a pure Java, Type IV driver. It can be used for applications and applets. Since this driver is written in Java, it is platform-independent. It doesn’t require any Oracle software on the client’s side. In addition, this driver communicates with the server via the underlying Oracle Net Services. For the purposes of this guide, the JDBC Thin Driver is co-packaged with the DbVisualizer, which can be installed on the client-side.

The driver is available for Java:

A JDBC Thin Driver is a pure Java, Type IV driver. It is best suited for applications and applets but is not limited to these. In addition to client-side drivers, Oracle also offers server-side Thin Drivers. The server-side internal driver is fully compatible with the client-side driver. It is compatible with the same platforms. Its native methods make it compatible with both the web browser and the database.

Download the latest Oracle 19c JDBC Driver:

The JDBC Thin driver is a pure Java, Type IV driver. It is a platform-independent driver that works with all Oracle Net adapters. It also supports all supported OCI and C-entry points. This driver is compatible with the Oracle client. However, the server-side OCI driver is more powerful. This Java-compatible JDBC Driver is the default driver in most Oracle applications.


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