HP Deskjet 3630 Driver for Windows

20 Nov 2023

HP Deskjet 3630 Driver:

HP Deskjet 3630 Driver is a free, open-source software that can be used with most HP scanners and printers. It works on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Download HP Deskjet 3630 Driver (Here)

It can also be used with HP’s Instant Ink subscription service, which can save a bit more money. However, a low-fee printer such as this is clearly only intended for occasional use at home, so a monthly subscription that assumes a certain level of regular use may not be the best idea.


The HP Deskjet 3630 is a printer that provides you with a range of printing and scanning functions. It can print high-quality black and color prints, as well as scan and copy documents and photos. It is ideal for small businesses and homes that need a fast, compact multifunctional device. The printer has a straightforward user interface and a small panel of physical buttons. This makes it easy for anyone to use, even if you’re new to computer technology.

The printer has a built-in Wi-Fi connection, so you can print from anywhere in your home. You can also connect it to your PC via a USB cable. You can also use the HP Smart app to print from your smartphone or tablet. The printer can easily handle 8.5 x 11” papers, and it can create borderless photos. It also has a quiet mode, so you can work without disturbing others in your house.

The HP Deskjet 3630 is compatible with most operating systems, including Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista. It also supports AirPrint and ePrint, which are cloud-based printing services. It can print files from an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with a wireless connection. You can also use Google Cloud Print, which allows you to print files from your Android device.

Compatibility with Operating Systems:

A printer driver is like a translator that relays your printing instructions to the device. Without a proper driver, your computer will not be able to recognize and complete even the simplest tasks. This is why it is crucial to update your drivers on a regular basis. An outdated driver can result in your device malfunctioning or not working at all.

The HP Deskjet 3630 is a wireless-ready all-in-one printer with high-quality print and scanner capabilities. The device is easy to set up and use, featuring a simple interface with just a small panel of physical buttons. It also comes with the HP Smart app, allowing you to manage all your printing and scanning from any mobile device or PC. You can even use the app to send documents and photos directly to the printer from your phone or tablet.

The HP Smart app is compatible with most operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS X. It can also be used to connect with other HP devices, such as scanners and digital cameras. It can also be used to download and install software updates for your printer. The app is lightweight and requires minimal computing power, so it won’t slow down your computer. It also includes a built-in tool for managing printer settings and adjusting the color balance of your prints.

Installation of Driver:

First, you need to connect the HP Deskjet 3630 to a wireless network. Once you have completed this step, download the HP driver for the printer. Once you have downloaded the driver, follow the instructions to install it on your computer. You can use a USB cable to connect the printer to your computer or you can use a Wi-Fi connection. Once you have finished installing the software, you can start printing.

If you’re having trouble connecting your HP Deskjet to your Wi-Fi network, you may need to reset the network settings on the printer and the computer. You can do this by entering “Setting” into Windows search and choosing devices and printers. Select your printer from the results, and then choose Add a printer or scanner. If you don’t have a printer, you can download one from the HP website.

If your HP Deskjet isn’t printing, you may need to update the drivers. You can do this manually or automatically. Manually updating the drivers takes time, but it’s worth the effort to ensure that your HP printer is working properly. To download the latest drivers, visit the manufacturer’s website and enter your model number. If you want to save time, try using Driver Easy, which automatically updates your drivers and helps you save a lot of time.


If you have an HP Deskjet 3630 All-in-One Printer series, it is important to keep up with its maintenance. This will help ensure that it continues to work efficiently for a long time. To do this, you should regularly update the driver and firmware. Moreover, you should also protect it against computer viruses and malware. Using a reliable security program can help you do this.

A driver is a piece of software that translates your computer data into a language that the hardware can understand. This allows the computer to communicate with the device and print properly. Unfortunately, many drivers can become corrupted by a virus or malware. This can be quite a hassle, but it can easily be resolved with a few simple steps.

To do this, first, you need to uninstall the old drivers from your computer. You can do this by navigating to the device manager and then selecting the option “View hidden devices”. Once you have done this, you should now be able to see all the devices on your PC. Next, you should right-click on the HP Deskjet 3630 All-in-One printer series and select Uninstall device.

The second step is to download the latest drivers from the HP website. You can either do this manually or use a driver update tool. The latter is a more convenient and faster method. A good driver update tool will scan your computer and provide you with the latest HP Deskjet 3630 All-in-One Driver instantly.


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