Fargo DTC400e Driver for Windows

27 Jul 2023

Fargo DTC400e Driver For Windows;

Updated DTC400e Drivers unlock Hardware features, optimize Printer compatibility, and increase PC performance. So, there are several ways to manually update DTC400e drivers, including through Device Manager and using a driver update software application. So, the latest version of Fargo DTC400e Driver can be downloaded for Windows from below.

Download Fargo DTC400e Driver (Here)

DTC400e ID card printers/encoders are designed to make your issuance process easier and more secure. Options such as password protection, data encryption, and visual security cards help protect the identity of your staff members and your issuance system from fraudsters.

Easy to use:

So, the DTC400e ID card printer/encoder is designed to make the issuance of your organization’s plastic ID cards easier and more secure. Integrated options like the Fargo Print Security Suite software, visual security cards, and Fargo’s exclusive SecureMark technology help to ensure ID card authenticity. The printer is simple to operate and virtually maintenance-free, with an intuitive LCD control panel that lets you know what’s printing and when.

So, the printer’s optional dual-sided printing capability doubles the print area, which helps to reduce the use of wasteful single-sided cards and provides more space for photos, information, bar codes, and digitized signatures. Streamline the ID card production process with easy-to-use features like SmartLoad ribbon cartridges and the built-in SmartClean card cleaning roller. So, the printer’s low-cost design and high print quality reduce downtime and operating costs. The printer is also field upgradeable as your business grows and changes.


Easily expand the capabilities of your Fargo printer with field upgradeable options that enable a wide range of encoding, printing, and security features. Password protection and data encryption capabilities keep your information private and secure. While dual-card hoppers help manage multiple card stocks. Add holographic and fluorescent overlays to make cards even more durable and difficult to counterfeit.

So, the SmartLoad ribbon cartridge combines printer ribbon and card cleaning roller in one convenient unit, simplifying operation and reducing waste and downtime. A self-cleaning function reduces maintenance needs, too. The LCD control panel tells you exactly what’s happening with your printer and gives simple instructions for troubleshooting.

Make ID issuance simpler and more efficient with the DTC400e. So, it’s easy to use, simple to maintain, and versatile enough for all your organization’s ID card issuance needs. Add Fargo’s Print Security Suite software and Visual Security Cards to increase issuance control and make your card more secure. Optional encoder modules let you add contact and contactless smart card, proximity access control, and magnetic stripe encoding.

Easy to maintain:

Fargo’s DTC400e is designed to provide your organization with a professional modular card printing system that’s simple, secure, and virtually maintenance-free. It’s easy to operate thanks to an intuitive LCD control panel and smart ribbon/card cleaning roller, both of which are integrated into a single cartridge. Plus, you can easily upgrade it in the field with options for magnetic stripe encoding and smart card personalization.

A special printer driver utility is included, enabling you to add password-controlled access to your printer, locate Fargo card samples, and obtain key printer and ribbon information. You can also download the Fargo Workbench printer utility from the technical resources page to help you with troubleshooting.

To keep your Fargo DTC400e up to date, it’s important that your PC’s device drivers are updated. You can do this manually through Windows Device Manager, or automatically with a driver update tool such as DriverDoc. By keeping your PC’s device drivers up-to-date, you can prevent crashes and maximize performance and stability.


Fargo’s DTC400e printer/encoder is built to make ID card issuance easier, more secure, and less vulnerable. It’s simple to operate, virtually maintenance-free. And field upgradeable as your security needs grow. The DTC400e’s optional Print Security Suite software, visual security cards, and Fargo’s exclusive secure mark technology reduce vulnerabilities in your card identity system.

A self-cleaning SmartLoad ribbon cartridge and LCD control panel keep operations more intuitive. The DTC400e’s intelligent design helps reduce downtime and operator errors. And training costs by constantly monitoring printer status and displaying it on the user-focused LCD control panel. Optional encoding modules encode data on contact and contactless smart cards, proximity access control cards, and magnetic stripe cards.

So, the included Swift ID badging software gives you an easy on-the-spot card design. And the Fargo Workbench printer utility allows you to add password-controlled printing. Use a library of sample cards, get a key printer and ribbon information, run troubleshooting tools, and download firmware updates.


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