Facetime HD Camera Driver v5.0.2.0 (Built-in) Windows 10 Download Free

29 Jul 2021

FaceTime HD Camera:

FaceTime is Apple’s video and audio chatting platform that lets iPhone users communicate through the standard FaceTime video protocol or the FaceTime audio feature. FaceTime is widely known as a key feature, but if you are new to FaceTime, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know. Even established FaceTime users may learn a trick or two.

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FaceTime is a proprietary videotelephony product developed by Apple inc. FaceTime is available on supported iOS mobile devices running iOS 4 and later Mac computers that run Mac OS X 10.6.6 and later. FaceTime supports any iOS device with a forward-facing camera and any Mac computer equipped with a FaceTime Camera.

FaceTime HD Camera Driver:

FaceTime HD Camera Driver helps the iOS to connect the users in one platform where the user can communicate by using video or audio to chat with each other. Six Drivers are found for FaceTime HD Camera (Build-in). To download the needed driver, select the Driver according to your iOS requirement.

Supported Operating System:

  1. Windows XP
  2. Windows 8
  3. Windows 8.1
  4. Windows 10 (x64, x86)

How to Install the FaceTime HD Camera Driver:

There are many ways to install the driver but we suggested you follow some of the simple steps to install the driver.

  1. First of all download the Driver from the given below link in the download session.
  2. Click to open the download link in your system.
  3. When you open it just follow the steps to install it.
  4. Go to the screen instructions to install the driver.
  5. At last when all the steps are completed then done OK and click on Finish.

Download Link

FaceTime HD Camera is very helpful for all the users either they are employed or students. The is very much used nowadays due to Covid. All institutions are shifted to online working so they use FaceTime Camera to communicate. Here is the latest version of the FaceTime HD Camera download link. If you have any questions


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