Asus Touchpad Driver Windows 10 Download Free

29 Aug 2022

How to Update Asus Touchpad Drivers on Windows 10?

If your Asus Touchpad is not working, you may have to update its driver. This can be done by going to the Start menu and typing “device manager” and pressing the Enter key. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to view your pointing devices, including your Touchpad. These devices are found in the “My Computer” folder. You can also right-click the device and select Update Driver Software. So, you can download the latest version of Asus Touchpad Driver Windows 10 from here.

Download Asus Touchpad Driver Windows 10 (Here)

Asus Smart Gesture (Touchpad):

The latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update came with an issue that made it difficult to use the Asus Smart Gesture (TouchPad) driver. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to solve the problem and keep using the device. First, you need to make sure that the driver that came with Windows 10 is compatible with your Asus Smart Gesture. To do this, simply download and install Driver Talent, a free tool that can scan for and install the correct Asus touchpad driver for your PC.

Using this driver will allow you to customize the settings of your touchpad. This driver also integrates the ASUS utilities. You can even download an app for the touchpad that helps you manage gestures and gives you an overview of how to use it. In addition, the latest version of the ASUS Smart Gesture software comes with bug fixes and touchpad optimization.

The Asus website also offers a search function that can help you find the right driver. All you need is your model number, operating system, and Windows version. After installing the Asus Smart Gesture driver, you should reboot your PC. You may need to uninstall the previous driver and then reinstall it.

Compatibility with Operating Systems:

If the Asus Smart Gesture driver isn’t working properly, you can try resetting your settings in Windows or rebooting your computer. This will fix the problem and make your touchpad work properly again. If you are still having trouble with this, you can also try updating the BIOS or resetting Windows.

If you are unable to install the ASUS Smart Gesture driver on your PC, it might be because you have an outdated BIOS. Manufacturers often release BIOS updates that users are unaware of. If so, you need to load the latest optimized BIOS settings to fix the issue. If you are unable to install the driver, you can download it from ASUS’s website. You can also manually install the driver from there. This will fix the problem and ensure that your touchpad works properly with Windows 10.

If you still cannot install the Asus Smart Gesture on Windows 10, you can try uninstalling and repairing it. To do this, navigate to Control Panel and select Uninstall or change a program. The Asus Smart Gesture driver for Windows 10 is located there. To uninstall it, right-click it and click the Uninstall/Change a Program button. Once you have done this, Windows will restart.

Setting up the Touchpad:

ASUS’ smart gesture driver is a software application that enables the touchpad to recognize finger and palm contact. It allows for more precise gestures and replaces the PTP driver for Intel 7th and 8th generation units. Windows 10 comes preinstalled with this driver, but you may need to download the ATK driver update for the latest version.

Asus Smart Gesture is a software program that relies on several other modules. You can install these modules manually or they are included in the Windows update package. There are several websites that provide all the necessary downloads at once.


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