ApeosPort C2560 Driver for Windows

15 Jul 2023

ApeosPort C2560 Driver:

Compact in size yet powerful in features. This next-generation color multifunction device enables optimum scalability as your business grows over time. So, the latest version of ApeosPort C2560 Driver is provided here to download.

Download ApeosPort C2560 Driver (Here)

The Portable UI for Business* app lets you use an iOS® or AndroidTM smartphone to perform copy, fax, and scan functions directly from your new ApeosPort C2560 devices, realizing more flexible working. This app also makes it possible to start jobs just by holding the smartphone near the NFC touch area.


The new ApeosPort series supports an optimum level of scalability to suit your business as it expands over time. Direct integration with popular cloud services and seamless connectivity with smartphones enables quick and efficient operations. Easy preference setting allows you to create shortcuts to apps for frequent operation and settings for quicker access.

ApeosPort-VII C2560 devices automatically register user information associated with the ID information registered on IC cards, making an authentication server unnecessary and providing server-less authentication*. Comprehensive security measures protect against unauthorized access and information leakage. Using Paperless Fax, you can send incoming faxes to folders or to email, enabling you to check them remotely even outside of your office.

Easy preference setting:

ApeosPort C2560 color multifunction device learns your habits and preferences so it can offer the best-customized experience. You can customize the operation screen displayed after authentication to meet your needs, as well as create your own shortcuts for commonly used functions.

The multifunctional device also offers a range of optional apps to help make your work life easier, including Portable UI for Business* and Cloud Service Hub*. Portable UI for Business lets you operate the device using an iOS or AndroidTM smartphone, while Cloud Service Hub enables you to access and manage various cloud storage services through a single interface.

Install the printer driver. Open the downloaded file (Thuong luu theo duong dan) and select the option to save it on your computer. Open the printer list and right-click on len may in Fuji Xerox ApeosPort – V C2275 -> Printing Preferences.

Easy to use:

The ApeosPort series supports wireless communication for printing or scanning from your laptop and smartphone*1 for more flexible working. You can start a print or scan job just by holding your smartphone near the NFC touch area on a multifunction device, making it easier to work at home or in another location.

By associating user information registered to IC cards with each connected device, server-less authentication is possible*2 for convenient use of FujiFilm’s cloud services and the operation screen of multifunction devices. This enables easy management of the user environment by a single person for enhanced productivity. *3 For smartphones with AndroidTM and iOSTM operating systems.

Easy to maintain:

ApeosPort-C2560 devices learn your habits and customize the operation screen that is displayed after authentication to suit your needs. This makes it easy to maintain a device even when many users are using the same machine.

If you would like to find out more about this outstanding compact color multifunction device which is scalable in both size and features then please speak with one of our sales team today. Reduce Print & Copy costs and improve workflows by utilizing the next-generation ApeosPort C2560.


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