AMD HDMI Audio Driver for Windows

14 Jun 2023

AMD HDMI Audio Driver – Not Plugged In Error:

If you encounter the AMD Audio Driver Not Plugged In error on your computer, it may be due to outdated or missing drivers. You can update your drivers manually or automatically.

Download AMD HDMI Audio Driver (Here)

First, try running the sfc /scannow command in Command Prompt. This will fix most driver issues. If this doesn’t work, you can try reinstalling the AMD audio device and driver.

Sound Issues:

Many users are facing problems with AMD HDMI Audio Driver, like no sound or “This device is not plugged in.” This issue can be fixed by downloading the latest audio drivers. These drivers are available for free and can help you get your audio back to normal.

If you have tried using different cables and you still don’t have any luck, it could be a problem with the cable or the monitor or TV you are trying to connect to. Another possibility is that the speakers (external or built-in) are determined as the default playback device, and this might be causing the problem.

Other possible causes of the sound issues might be corrupted or missing files on the computer. This can be a result of malware infections or other potential causes of damage to the system. You can quickly fix these problems by using a tool that provides system checks and can repair any affected files on the machine, such as Restore.

Paramount Plus Issues:

Paramount Plus is an over-the-top streaming service from the ViacomCBS conglomerate that includes content from their cable TV networks and films. It also offers a selection of original shows. S is available on a number of devices including computers, mobile devices (iOS and Android), smart TVs, and video game consoles like the PlayStation family. It is also paired with Showtime to offer a bundle of both services.

Since its rebrand in March 2021, Paramount Plus has grown into a significant competitor for services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Peacock. Its massive library of content from CBS, ViacomCBS’s many cable television networks like Comedy Central and Nickelodeon, and Paramount Pictures have enabled it to do this.

The streaming service offers advanced video formats such as 4K, HDR10, and Dolby Vision for select titles. Shows that are available in these formats are marked with a “badge” on their title page. Those interested in viewing movies with these high-quality video options can use the Paramount Plus app on any supported device.

Audio Issues:

The AMD HDMI Audio Driver is a mechanism that allows your computer to send audio through HDMI and DisplayPort connections. It is built into multiple AMD modules, including the Radeon R-9 series and Radeon HD, Radeon R7, and Radeon R5 graphics cards. However, this device can sometimes cause issues when it is not updated correctly.

This can occur for a number of reasons. One possibility is that the audio output device may be disabled or misconfigured. Another possibility is that the audio driver has become outdated and incompatible with your machine or operating system.

To resolve these problems, you can try reinstalling the audio drivers or using an alternative audio device. You can also check the status of the audio device by running pw-top. This will show a line for the ALSA backend and a line for the emulator (usually research). If these lines are increasing, then the problem is with the ALSA backend and not the Radeon driver.


So, if you are experiencing a problem where your computer greys out the HDMI device in the playback devices section, you can fix it by updating the drivers. This will solve the issue for you and will ensure that your device is recognized by your PC. This is a simple procedure that should only take a few minutes to complete.

To do this, open Device Manager and expand the “Sound, video, and game controllers” category. Then, right-click the AMD High Definition Audio Device and select the “Update driver software” option. Windows will automatically search for and download the latest driver version available for this device.

Alternatively, you can use an automatic driver update tool like Bit Driver Updater to automatically scan your system and install the best-matched driver for your hardware. The tool is easy to use and has been recommended by several experts and IT professionals. It is also free to try. For more information, visit the official website of this program.


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