ADB & Fastboot Drivers v1.4.3 Download for Windows (Latest)

01 Oct 2021

ADB & Fastboot Drivers:

Advantages of ADB and Fastboot Drivers v1.4.3. These are the new and advanced versions of the older drivers. ADB is the software for the downloading of drivers. On the other hand, Fastboot is for the installation and the use of drivers. This enables the easy and quick installation of the required software and the smooth functioning of the device.

ADB & Fastboot Drivers Download (Here)


How the ADB & Fastboot Drivers helps:

ADB and Fastboot Driver v1.4.3. Helps to connect your mobile phone to your personal computer with the help of a USB cable. It also facilitates you to repair android device trouble on your personal computer by solving all PC-related problems. It is probably the most popular driver, which helps you easily repair ADB and fastboot driver problems on your PC without downloading any PC Suite software.


Advantages of ADB and Fastboot Drivers v1.4.3. Both ADB drivers and fastboot drivers are designed in a way. So that they can be easily installed on your android phone. When the drivers are properly installed on your device, it will improve the speed of your device. The faster speed will enable you to enjoy enhanced surfing, emailing, video chatting, etc.

Driver version and formats:

ADB drivers and fastboot drivers are available in various formats. Get the latest driver on your device in standard. Or custom formats. ADB drivers have been designed in a way so that they can easily transfer files between your pc and your mobile phone using a USB cable. To install ADB drivers onto your device, you need to connect the USB cable to the USB port of your personal computer and then follow the instructions provided on the USB driver wizard. Next, you need to install the program on your PC which supports ADB such as Windows Server 2021, XP Home Edition, Windows Vista, Mac OSX Tiger, or some other operating systems. When the installation process is completed. It will take you just a few minutes to install the drivers.

Protocol of the driver:

ADB and Fastboot are some of the oldest protocols in the market. Most people use this protocol for data exchange. You can also connect your device to your pc using ADB but this method can’t transfer large files like videos. For transferring large files using this method, you require an ADB and fastboot driver. To install these drivers, you need to open the command window and type “bat” or “MSConfig” on the console. Look for the entry called “fastboot”.

After installing them, open the command window and type “fsutil” and compare the devices in the /net/ADB folder. You should find the latest platform tools in this folder. If you are not able to locate them in the /net/ADB folder, you can search for them in the following location: c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Machine

Now you need to install the drivers on the PC. You can do this by clicking on Start, then Run and type “MSConfig” in the field given. In the “Search” box, type “fsutil” then click OK. In the “Safe Mode”. Click the Fastboot mode (checked). In the “Recovery Mode”, click the Recovery tab and enable the recovery CD on your computer. You can now install the ADB and Fastboot drivers by copying the drivers to your system’s folders. You need to restart your computer after installing the new drivers.


It is advisable to install the ADB and fastboot drivers only if you are using an HTC android phone as they are the most updated and working on the android phones. Do not install the drivers if you use any other device. This will make sure that your device will work properly even if there are some problems with your device.

Download link:

So, the latest ADB & Fastboot Drivers are being provided here to download for free. We have shared the latest ADB & Fastboot Drivers.


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