Plustek Scanner Driver for Windows

16 Jun 2023

Plustek Scanner Driver:

Plustek Scanner Driver is an application that you can download from the internet for free. It supports multiple scanning formats. It also includes an integrated TWAIN and WIA driver.

Download Plustek Scanner Driver (Here)

As compared to the predecessor model the framed slide holder was slightly modified – the springs are now under cover and no longer openly accessible. This is a little inconvenient.

Getting Started:

After plugging in the scanner and turning it on one first finds a small installation guide in 13 languages. Then the driver software is automatically installed and after a short while the device can be used.

Tech Tip: If you’re having trouble connecting your Plustek Scanner to your computer, try running Microsoft’s Hardware Troubleshooter. It can help diagnose issues and provide fixes.

As usual with Plustek scanners, this 8200i besides the device itself comes with a film holder for film strips of up to six pictures and four framed slides. A power adapter and a USB cable are also included. For the software side, this model differs slightly from its predecessor: Instead of NewSoft’s Presto! PageManager and the spartan QuickScan, it is delivered with SilverFast SE Plus 8 (OpticFilm 8200i SE) or SilverFast Ai Studio 8 (OpticFilm 8200i Ai). Additionally, there is an IT-8 calibration slide.

Loading Film:

The Plustek is a nice and lightweight film scanner. It sits flat on the desktop and takes up little space. Its dust-protected slots can be inserted from either side, and the frame positioning notches make it easy to align framed slides or film strips.

The film holder can accommodate two small strips or six loose frames. A reflective document mat is also included.

You can change the holder without the scanner going into sleep mode, as long as you do not leave it too long. The holder has a small window for viewing framed slides, so it is important to keep this clear of dirt.

Unlike some other film scanners, the Plustek is able to scan Kodachrome slides without any blue cast. This is a good thing because Kodachrome slides are notoriously difficult to digitize and usually suffer from a blue cast. The Plustek also offers good color saturation in b/w photos. SilverFast is a world-class scanning software and comes with the Plustek as standard.

Aligning Frames:

The Plustek scanner lacks the motor that drives the film holders in most models, instead, you have to manually slide them into position. A detent in the holder provides a solid click to indicate when it is positioned correctly for scanning. A sensor moves across the film to read the frames for each scan.

This makes the initial alignment of film strips especially finicky. If the holder is inserted too quickly it will slip out of one of the six little openings in the ridged sides of the holder. A pair of clean cotton gloves is an absolute must for this task.

Alternatively, you can use VueScan which is compatible with many Plustek scanners. Hamrick frequently updates VueScan and you don’t need to purchase a driver from the scanner manufacturer.

Scanner Settings:

With the Scan Settings Toolbar, you can control the scanner settings such as the scan mode, scan size, resolution, quality, and file format. This is a very important step because the scan settings determine how your pictures will look after scanning.

The scanning modes Black/White, Grayscale, and Color each give different results. Black/White gives sharp images with high contrast and is the best choice for archiving and documentation. Grayscale lets you scan in 256 shades of gray for better depth and definition. Color scanning allows you to scan in millions of colors (24-bit) but this requires a lot of memory space.

After you have set the settings you can start the scanning process by pressing one of the scanner buttons or by using the corresponding button in SilverFast. A timer will be displayed on the screen indicating how long it will take to complete the scan.


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