Nokia RM-1172 USB Driver And PC Suite Free Download

03 Oct 2017

Nokia 230 RM-1172 USB Driver And PC Suite

Nokia 230 RM-1172 USB Driver And PC Suite is the best way to connect your phone to Windows Computer. It will allow you to exchange data between devices and also help in flashing the stock firmware on your device.

The PC Suite software includes a classic user interface and supports most features on your Nokia device. You can download music, transfer documents, and more to your phone.

Download the Nokia RM-1172 USB Driver And PC Suite Free Download (Here)

USB Driver:

Whether your Nokia device is running on Android or iOS, it’s important to keep the USB drivers up to date. This can help prevent any potential issues or errors that may occur while using the device. You can download the latest driver for your device from the manufacturer’s website or an independent software vendor (ISV).

A USB driver is a piece of hardware that allows a computer to communicate with the operating system. It also helps connect a USB device to the computer so that it can be used to transfer files and data.

The Nokia 230 Dual Sim RM-1172 USB Driver and PC Suite is a set of drivers that are needed to establish a connection between your device and your computer. This can be useful if you want to install custom ROM or firmware flash files on your device. You can also use it to recover your device if it gets stuck in a boot loop, software error, or updates error.

PC Suite:

The PC Suite is a software package designed to establish an interface between the Nokia mobile phone and computers running Microsoft Windows. It can be used to transfer music, photos and applications between the device and the computer. Then, it also supports sending short Message Service (SMS) messages and acts as a modem to connect the device to the Internet.

It allows users to install SIS (Software Installation System) applications directly from the computer. The program also provides a Nokia Communication Centre data viewer, which allows users to control their contacts, contact groups and a full calendar. Other features include direct quick handling of calls and messages and a battery view and control.

A free version of this software is available for download. It is compatible with most Nokia smartphones. The user interface is simple to use. It is lightweight, despite its many features. Its security is very good. It also has a low error rate.

Flashing Files:

Using the right Nokia 230 dual sim (rm-1172) USB driver and PC suite makes your device’s connection with the computer more stable and faster. It also lets you transfer pictures, music and other files between your phone and the PC.

The software works by establishing a bridge between the phone and a Windows-based computer. It can also connect to the Internet and manage settings on the device. Moreover, it can help you install and update firmware, customize ROMs, and create backups of your data on the phone.

To flash your device, you must have a working USB cable. Once the file is downloaded, extract it to a folder on your PC and launch Odin. Click the “AP” button and select the ROM folder where the scatter file is located. Then, click the “Start” button to begin the flashing process. After the flashing is complete, disconnect your device and reboot it. The new ROM will be installed.


Nokia PC Suite is a program that connects your mobile device to a computer. It lets you easily transfer music and videos between the two devices. It also lets you download and install Java and Symbian SIS applications. The software also lets you organize your calendar and send text messages.

It also has a classic user interface and is lightweight. However, it can be downloaded from the official website. It is available for Windows and Mac computers.

If your Nokia 230 RM-1172 phone is not connecting to the computer, you may need to update the drivers. You can download the latest drivers from this page. The driver works with both a USB cable and a standard connection. Once the drivers are installed, you can move pictures, music, and other files to your computer. It is recommended to take a full backup of your phone before flashing the firmware. The package contains a ROM file, a flash tool, and a step-by-step manual for installing the firmware on your device.


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