Intel Bluetooth Driver Download (Latest)

12 Jul 2020

Intel Bluetooth Driver:

Intel Bluetooth Driver not recognized is a major connectivity issue which often there’s a problem with your Intel Bluetooth application driver. So if you encounter any kind of connectivity problem, either with connecting to Bluetooth devices or detecting them, then firstly, try to update your current Intel Bluetooth driver using Windows Update.

Download Intel Bluetooth Driver (Here)

However, if you already have some products from the Intel Dual Band Wireless AC Series, Intel Dual-band Wireless N Series, Intel Proset / Wireless Software, Intel Tri-Band Wireless AC Series, and Intel Wireless-N Series, then check and update the latest Bluetooth drivers for these products only. For most of these devices, Windows Update won’t be able to help. You will need to use the steps below to get your drivers up-to-date in order to connect to Bluetooth devices.


Let’s begin by uninstalling Bluetooth on your system. Under the control panel, go to devices and click on Bluetooth Devices. You will see all your existing Bluetooth devices. Now, uninstall them using the system tools for the same. This will unplug Bluetooth devices.

Now, let’s check your windows 10 operating system for Bluetooth working problems. First of all run Device Manager and click on your Bluetooth Device. For this, right-click on the item and click Properties. Under the Hardware tab, you will see the items there like Pairing Agent Service and Connection Name. Now change the Service state to disconnected.

Download and install the latest update:

If the above step doesn’t work, the next thing that you can do is to download and install the latest Bluetooth update software from Microsoft. The program is available in the store and can easily be downloaded. After downloading, launch the program. It will scan your machine and let you pick out the best and latest Bluetooth drivers and installation/uninstall options for your unit.

When you have made up your decision, hit the next button for downloading and installing the update. Wait until the download completes. When the download is completed, it will then ask you to restart your computer for updating the wireless devices. Hit yes and wait for the process to complete. At this point, your device should have been updated with the latest Bluetooth features.

All done:

Now that everything is done, you need not worry about your devices as long as you keep them updated with the latest Bluetooth drivers. You just need to make sure that you back up your drivers. This way, if something goes wrong with your drivers, you can easily revert to the previous setting. Or if you want to check if you already have the latest Bluetooth drivers for your unit, you can simply use the Windows Update feature to check for updates. The program will prompt you to choose the drivers you need for your device.


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