HID OMNIKEY 5321 Driver for Windows

22 Jul 2023

HID OMNIKEY 5321 Driver For Windows:

HID OMNIKEY 5321 Driver for Windows is an application that helps you to download and install the latest drivers for your device. These drivers help you to fix various issues on your device. The software is completely free and it comes with several useful tools.

Download HID OMNIKEY 5321 Driver (Here)

Designed to facilitate ease of use, the reader works with existing low-frequency proximity cards enabling PC login using existing access control credentials without the need for re-badging. It offers both CCID and keyboard wedge operation modes and can be configured in a variety of ways through an intuitive, browser-based management interface independent of the operating system.


The OMNIKEY 5321 CL is a contactless smart card reader that supports PC-based point-of-sale applications as well as desktop smart cards. It is PAY EMVCo CL 2.0-Certified and can be used for secure payment systems in retail or loyalty environments. It is also able to read and write to HID iCLASS, MIFARE DESFire, and NXP Java Card (r) contacts in addition to ISO 14443 A/B and ISO 15693 contactless tags like Infineon my-D or NXP iCode. By suppressing electromagnetic distortion (EMD) the reader is able to achieve higher transmission rates and shorter read times.

The OMNIKEY 5021CL reader offers greater stability and durability than previous models in a stylish modern design. It functions in virtually any PC environment and can be integrated with a variety of security solutions including low-frequency physical access control, ID card login to desktops and networks as well as logical access applications using existing proximity cards without rebadging. The reader supports CCID and keyboard wedge interfaces and features an easy-to-use web-based configuration independent of the operating system.


The OMNIKEY 5327CK is a dual-frequency reader that works with both low and high-frequency cards. Making it perfect for organizations with mixed credential technology environments. It also offers a keyboard wedge interface with customizable input and output fields. Pre-strike and post-stroke settings, multiple output transformations, and BCD, DEC, Hex, and ASCII keyboard mappings. With USB connectivity, it can easily be integrated into any PC environment and is compatible with WINDOWS XP/Vista/7, LINUX Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE, and MAC Leopard or higher. It is FCC, RoHS (REACH), UL, and WEEE compliant.

Download the latest driver for your OmniKey Card readers. These drivers are collected from official vendors and trusted sources and have been tested by our team of experts to ensure they are working well.


The OMNIKEY 5427CK R54270001 USB contactless smart card reader packs a lot of power into a sleek. Compact design, allowing it to work with virtually any operating system. It also supports both low and high-frequency technologies – ideal for organizations with mixed-range credentials. This reader is FCC, RoHS (REACH), UL, CE, and WEEE compliant and includes dual color white and blue LED status indicator as well as a programmable buzzer.

The OMNIKEY Gen 2 model offers enhanced security with support for DESFire Ev2 cards from NXP and extra keyboard wedge outputs, as well as pre-and post-stroke strings. This allows customers to retrieve data directly from the card using keystroke emulation and avoid the need to enter it manually into their applications.

Based on the CCID interface, it can be integrated without the need to install or update drivers. Eliminating complex software lifecycle management issues and speeding up time to market. It is compatible with WINDOWS XP/Vista/7, LINUX Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, and MAC Leopard or higher, and works right out of the box.


The OMNIKEY 5427CL is a dual-frequency reader that supports both low and high-frequency credentials. Making it ideal for mixed technology environments. It works with existing floppy access control cards that use low-frequency technology and can also read higher-frequency HID Prox, Indala Prox, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire EV1, and iCLASS SE credentials. So, it features a USB type A connector and a removable card holder. And a programmable display that offers both visual and tactile feedback. It also includes customizable keyboard wedge outputs with pre- and post-stroke strings. As well as full ASCII character table support in both outputs.

Its compliance with all relevant industry standards like PC/SC, WHQL, and USB CCID ensures worldwide compliance and easy integration into any system. Additionally, it has built-in EMI protection to suppress electromagnetic distortion. Which allows for more reliable card readings. The sleek design and modern color options make it ideal for a variety of workplace environments. It also comes with a range of accessories and mounting options.


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