Godex EZ120 Driver for Windows

01 Jun 2023

Godex EZ120 Driver:

Godex EZ120 is a value-priced reliable desktop printer with a speed of 4 ips and a LAN port. The robust mechanism and simple operation methods make this model an excellent choice for printing retail, warehouses, logistics & transportation, government & administration labels, and tags. Its sleek outline contributed to its sheer simplicity.

Download Godex EZ120 Driver (Here)

Print Speed:

Godex EZ120 is a high-speed desktop barcode printer with a speed of 4 ips and also with lan port. It is a value-priced reliable printer for printing retail, manufacturing, government, warehouses, logistics, travel & leisure labels, and tags. Its reliable structure and slick outline contributed to sheer simplicity. The dual sensors enable instant label/ribbon detection.

This model supports bidirectional communication for status monitoring and printer/job management in NiceLabel. This feature allows the driver to obtain feedback about the printer’s current status from the Windows spooler and display it to users.

Godex printer drivers have been verified to work with all major True Windows programs, including NiceLabel software for label design, barcode printing, and RFID encoding. The drivers include support for downloading fonts directly from the printer, which results in faster print times than rasterizing them within Windows or printing them as bitmaps from another application. The drivers are available for free download from the manufacturer’s website.

Print Resolution:

The Godex EZ120 is an industrial label printer that is capable of printing labels and barcodes with a resolution of up to 203 DPI. This is sufficient for most applications, including those in manufacturing and logistics. This label printer also has a large print head, which helps it to produce high-quality graphics and barcodes.

This printer supports both thermal direct and thermal transfer printer media. It can use label rolls with a maximum outer diameter of 8 inches and a transfer ribbon with a length of up to 450 meters.

This model is compatible with the free GoLabel software from Godex. This program makes label design simple, intuitive, and easy to use. It is compatible with all Godex printers and provides many features that are not available in other label design programs. This includes support for Windows fonts, TrueType and bitmap fonts, straight lines (vertical, horizontal, and oblique), ellipses, and rectangles. It also allows you to set up your printer for bidirectional communication so that NiceLabel can obtain feedback on the status of the printer and display it onscreen.


The Godex EZ120 is an affordable and reliable desktop thermal transfer barcode printer. It has a rugged structure and simple operation methods, making it an ideal choice for many applications. It is suitable for printing retail, warehouses, logistics & transportation, government & administration labels, and tags.

The EZ120 is compatible with true Windows printer drivers and is supported by our BarTender software. This makes it easy to use with other programs, including Microsoft Excel and Word. The driver also supports downloading fonts for faster printing, since they can be rendered directly by the printer rather than rasterized by Windows.

This model is popular among customers in Peshawar, Faisalabad, and other Pakistani cities because of its affordability and quality performance. It has a wide range of features that make it very user-friendly and expandable for future needs.


Godex printer drivers allow your computer to communicate with the printer. Without a driver, your Windows programs (such as BarTender) will not recognize the printer and may not be able to print. Drivers also enable printing from true Windows fonts, which print faster than rasterized Windows fonts (which are converted to bitmaps by the Windows spooler before being sent to the printer).

Godex EZ120 is one of the best Barcode printers in Pakistan. Many customers of The Barcode Shop are satisfied with the reliability and quality performance of the printer. The printer is also available at cash on delivery.

The Godex EZ120 has a built-in status monitor that reports printer and print job information to the Windows spooler. This enables the printer to notify the user of any errors before they happen and allows for easy troubleshooting.


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