Epson L6170 Driver for Windows

15 Jan 2023

How to Install the Epson L6170 Driver?

The Epson L6170 is a desktop printer that can help you in printing a wide variety of documents. You can print out documents at a high speed and at high resolution. It also has the ability to support both Linux and Mac OS X. This printer can give you a maximum print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi.

Download Epson L6170 Driver (Here)

Installation Wizard:

If you own an Epson ET-l6170 printer, you need to install it before you can use it. There are several ways in which you can accomplish this task. You can start by downloading the appropriate driver software.

In addition to the driver, you also need to ensure that you have an active computer system. This means that you have the latest operating system installed. Also, you must have an Ethernet connection.

The printer’s IP address is a unique identifier that is used to access the printer on a network. This identifier is obtained from the access point using the DHCP function.

Once you have the IP address, you can begin to assign a print job. To do this, you need to enter the IP address and a Subnet Mask.

Firmware update:

When you try to print something from your Epson L6170 printer, it may seem like your cartridge isn’t being recognized. You might even get a message that says the cartridge isn’t compatible. This happens when the firmware that’s running your printer isn’t compatible with the cartridges you’re using.

Printer manufacturers periodically release firmware updates to fix issues and improve the performance of their printers. Although some of these updates may affect third-party ink cartridges, they’re generally not harmful. Instead, they’re released to address minor issues and fix bugs in previous versions.

Before you install any updates, you should always make sure the firmware on your printer is working properly. If it’s not, you may not be able to print from your Epson L6170 printer at all.

Maximum resolution of 4800*1200 dpi:

The Epson L6170 is a three-in-one machine that is capable of doing a number of tasks in a single swoop. It is a duo printer/scanner/copier combo that can handle as many as 99 copies in one cycle. In addition, it comes with a nifty 30-sheet ADF unit. With the help of an efficient Epson e-ink system, it can produce print speeds of up to 22 pages per minute (ppm) for black and white prints and 6.5 ppm for color ones.

One of its more impressive feats is the ability to print photos that are indistinguishable from real ones. That’s thanks to a scanning module with a maximum resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi and an array of color inks. Moreover, it can also handle monochrome prints up to A4 in size. Besides, it can handle glossy photos too.

Maximum print rate:

One of the most significant features of the Epson L6170 is the ability to print documents in a variety of formats. This printer can print black documents up to 15 pages per minute (ppm) and color documents up to 8 ppm.

The L6170 also offers a scan function. Its automatic document feeder (ADF) can produce up to 33 pages per minute (ppm). Combined with its scanning capability, the Epson L6170 offers fast and convenient printing for small businesses.

Using the remote print driver, it is possible to send files from a PC to the Epson L6170. This allows you to print remotely, regardless of your location. You can even store your scans in the cloud.

Support for Mac OS X and Linux:

The Epson L6170 is an inexpensive 3-in-1 MFP. It includes a copier, scanner, and print. It also has an Automatic Document Feeder and a nifty new ink bottle range that makes it an ideal home office machine. This printer will give you a low-cost printing solution that is worth its price.

For starters, this printer features Precision Core TM print heads, which increase print speeds. It also has a small footprint amongst all brands of ink tank printers. The L6170 is capable of producing a maximum resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi.

If you are using Linux, you may have to wait a couple of years for a Linux driver to hit the streets. However, the Epson L6170 has internal drivers for a variety of OS versions. In addition to a standard USB interface, the L6170 supports wireless connectivity as well.


If you are looking to save money on printing, the Epson L6170 is a great option. This ink tank printer offers wireless convenience, and Ethernet connectivity and features an auto duplex unit. It is also the smallest ink tank printer in its class. The device is available for a low price and includes a 30-sheet ADF.

You can get a full-color photo printed in record time with this printer, thanks to its integrated tank design. The ink bottles come with a handy smart tip for mess-free refills. In addition to this, you can print high-resolution text and glossy photos.

As you might guess from the name, the Epson L6170 comes with Ethernet connectivity, which allows you to easily connect several devices with a single cable. Also, you can print on the go with the help of the iPrint app, which allows you to print from any device with an internet connection.


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