Epson DS-530 Driver for Windows

27 Sep 2022

Epson DS-530 Driver:

If you are looking for a laserfiche-certified scanner, the Epson DS-530 is an excellent choice. This machine has advanced media handling features and smart features that ensure high data integrity. This scanner has been built with easy integration into your workflow in mind. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

Download Epson DS-530 Driver (Here)

Epson DS-530 is a Laserfiche certified scanner:

The Epson DS-530 is a high-performance, color-duplex document scanner that is ideal for high-volume scanning. This Laserfiche-certified device is fast and compact, with a daily duty cycle of 4,000 sheets. It also features advanced paper-feeding technologies such as automatic rotation and cutting. It also supports TWAIN and ISIS drivers. Its simple design and speed make it perfect for a simple office environment, yet it delivers powerful performance for fast-paced businesses.

It has a Splitting up Roller System:

The Epson DS-530 Driver has patented technology for automatic document feeding that eliminates double-feed errors. The splitting up roller system helps prevent repeating documents from being fed twice. This feature is a first for the industry. The Active Separator Roller System also prevents the feeding of repeating documents.

This innovative scanner is ideal for scanning documents with high-quality output. It has advanced technology that can cope with any kind of document, even the most delicate, crumpled, and long ones. It offers several features for a superior scanning experience, including Deskew, Auto Rotation, and Splitting up Roller System. It also includes Document Capture Pro software, which allows customers to scan a wide variety of digital papers.

It scans digitized duplicates:

The Epson DS-530 Driver scanner is an excellent choice if you need to scan hard documents or digitize duplicates. This scanner has a number of useful features that make scanning a breeze. Its software, Epson Scan 2.0, provides a range of options that can make your scanned files look their best. For instance, you can use the software to deskew and auto-rotate documents. It also offers the Document Capture Pro program to capture digital paper.

This scanner comes with easy-to-use software that lets you scan documents quickly and easily. Moreover, you can check your results immediately after scanning. The software also lets you customize the resolution and destination for your scanned documents.

It is a fast scanner:

The Epson DS-530 Driver is able to scan from a variety of media such as paper documents and plastic cards. This scanner supports both fast and slow scanning modes. The DS-530 also features an integrated flatbed and features an automatic document detection mode.

The Epson DS-530 is a color duplex document scanner that features exceptional performance and value. The scanner can scan up to 70 images per minute in duplex mode and features a 50-page auto document feeder. It also has a high-duty cycle, which allows it to scan 4000 sheets in a single day. Moreover, it comes with a one-year limited warranty.

It has a scanning mode for damaged and wrinkled documents:

The Epson DS-530 Driver features an integrated scanning mode for damaged and wrinkled documents. The DS-530 is an A4 streaming document scanner that is suitable for small to medium-sized workgroups. It has an ultrasonic sensor and can scan documents up to 6096mm long. The printer also features smart features such as an Active Separation Roller System to prevent multiple sheets from entering the scanner. This feature also ensures that the document is processed correctly. Another unique feature of the DS-530 is its innovative Paper Tray design. This design reduces the amount of friction between the Tray and the paper. It also has a scanning mode for damaged and wrinkle-prone documents that allows the scanner to scan the documents at a slower speed.

This scanner also comes with an automatic document detection system. It also has a front ADF with edge guides for better scanning results. The DS-530 is also equipped with an optional flatbed module that enables you to scan stapled documents, books, and even passports. It also has a standard input tray and an extended tray for large originals.


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