Easily Way To Install Android Driver In Windows PC!

30 Jun 2018

There are two methods to install the Android phone driver in our windows PC.

ADB Installer:

The second way is ADB driver installer. The ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is a command line utility included with Google Android SDK.  Android can oversee and control your device over USB from a PC, duplicate and expelling the records To and Fro, install and uninstall the application, run shells charges and significantly more and so forth. You can invoke a customer from a command line extreme by issuing an ADB installer.

To download the online ADB installer. After the download, the installation processes start it. Now, after installation its open it and you can see some question but your answer gives by “y”. In this way, you are ready to update the android phone driver.


The first way, You can install the android phone driver by simply MY PC, without any third party software install you can easily install and update the android phone driver.

You will connect our android cell to the PC by Data cable. When you go to MY PC then right click in it. The various option shows there but you can select the manager and then go to the device manager option. After it, you go to the other devices and here you can saw here your own android previous driver. You right click in this option and select the update driver software. Now the automatically, the driver downloaded and installed. It is the best & efficient technique.



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