Canon MP280 Scanner Driver for Windows

31 Jan 2023

Canon MP280 Scanner Driver:

The Canon MP280 is a multifunction printer (print, scan, copy) that offers impressive output quality at a reasonable price. It’s also relatively fast for its price range.

It’s a small and simple machine, with matt black covers to the scanners and a conventional paper path that runs from a near vertical, 100-sheet tray on the back to a horizontal one on the front. It has a fold-over cover to hold the papers until you want to print them.

Download Canon MP280 Scanner Driver (Here)

Easy Scan:

Easy Scan is a handy feature that allows you to scan photos and documents with a single click. This can save you a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re a busy parent or teacher.

You can use this software to digitize old photos and documents, such as boxes full of faded slides. It also lets you scan and archive important documents, like birth certificates or bank statements.

You can install this scanner driver on any computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux, and it works with all Canon scanners. Moreover, VueScan can automatically detect and install the correct driver for your scanner model, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues.

Auto Document Fix:

Auto Document Fix automatically delivers advanced image analysis and area-by-area data correction for text that’s easy to read and images that maintain color tone and contrast. It also has Auto Scan Mode that recognizes the type of original and scans and saves the correct settings.

Canon’s MP280 also has ChromaLife100+, which gives you exceptional print quality and long-lasting, color memories when you use genuine Canon ink and photo paper. Additionally, it has Auto Photo Fix II that analyzes and applies image correction, red-eye removal, and multi-zone exposure correction for beautiful photos.

If you’re having problems scanning, the easiest way to fix it is to rescan using PDF Studio (included in the download). Then select a specific repair function and set a save location where you want to store the repaired file. Once the fix is complete, PDF Studio will save the repaired file to that location.

Auto Scan Mode:

Using Auto Scan Mode on your Canon MP280 printer can speed up the time it takes to scan documents. Auto Scan mode automatically recognizes the type of original and then scans it using the appropriate settings.

When you’re ready to scan, select the scan size and the image type. You can also adjust the scan area, which is a marquee that marks the edges of your image.

Once you’ve selected your settings, click Preview. If you notice that your document is crooked, uneven, or chopped off, readjust it and then try to scan it again.

Gutter Shadow Correction:

When you have a scanned document with gutter shadows between the pages, Gutter Shadow Correction can remove these shadows and make the pages look crisp. This feature is useful when scanning books and other documents where the page backgrounds are not white.

Canon MP280 Scanner Driver offers this feature along with other features such as automatic film retouching and enhancement, fading correction, and backlight correction. This software also lets you save settings and reuse them on other images.

This feature helps reduce graininess (roughness) in photos taken with high-speed or sensitized film. It also helps correct shadows that appear between pages when scanning open booklets.

Push Scan:

Push Scan is a method of scanning where the scanner sends the scan data to a destination computer over a network. This can be done in two ways, both of which require host software installed on the destination computer.

In the first approach, a user initiates the scan at the scanner and then pushes the data to the destination computer. The destination computer in turn opens the I/O channel and requests the scanner to start a scan job.

In the second approach, a user initiates a scan on a client computer and then pushes the data to the scanner over a network. The destination computer in turn opens the I/O and pulls the data from the scanner.


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