ASUS Touchpad Driver Windows 11

18 Jul 2022

How to Update ASUS Touchpad Driver Windows 11?

When your ASUS Touchpad doesn’t work anymore, it is time to download and update the driver. There are a few different ways to do this. You can either use the FN+F9 keyboard shortcut or Ctrl+FN+F9 to toggle the touchpad. You can also use the Update ASUS Touchpad Driver Windows 11 option in the Control Panel. Here are a few quick steps to update your touchpad driver:

Download ASUS Touchpad Driver Windows 11 (Here)

FN + F9 or Ctrl + FN + F9 toggling the touchpad:

To use the hotkey to toggle the touchpad, press FN or Ctrl + FN. This will launch the Settings app. Select the Update & Security segment. Look for Hardware and Devices. Click on this option. The Troubleshooter will run automatically. If it finds a problem, click the Fix button and follow the instructions to install the latest touchpad driver.

If you are unable to find the driver, you can try the plug-and-play option. However, this will limit the touchpad’s capabilities. If you don’t have the driver, you can use the Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall tool. You will need to know your device model and serial number.

Updating the touchpad driver:

Before you can update the ASUS touchpad driver for Windows 11, you must download and install the necessary drivers for the device. These drivers are available online. To download the latest driver for your ASUS touchpad, you can use the built-in utility. In Device Manager, you can see the list of all devices and their associated drivers. Locate the problematic device and click on its Properties dialog box. Click on the Update Driver button and follow the on-screen directions to complete the update process. After installing the new driver, reboot the computer and test the new driver to ensure the correct operation of your touchpad.

Alternatively, you can manually uninstall the Windows update. To do this, open Windows Update and navigate to the Update History tab. Click on Uninstall Updates, which is in the Related Settings section. The new Windows 11 update should be listed here. Click on the uninstall option and follow the prompts. Then, restart your PC and check the ASUS touchpad again. Once you have completed the process, you should be able to use your touchpad once again.

Troubleshooting the problem:

If you encounter problems while using your touchpad, you should know how to fix them. To fix them, you should follow the steps below. To start, open the Settings app and navigate to the Update & Security segment. From there, click on the Troubleshoot button. Select Hardware and Devices and click it. Once the troubleshooter has detected the issue, you should restart the device to test if it’s working properly.

If your touchpad still doesn’t work after you update the Windows driver, you might have downloaded a generic touchpad driver and installed it incorrectly. To check if the touchpad driver is the problem, launch Device Manager and expand the Mice and pointing devices segment. Then, right-click the touchpad driver adapter. Click Properties. On the Device tab, click Driver.?



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