80MM Thermal Receipt Printer Driver Download

20 Aug 2022

Epson R1150 Thermal Receipt Printer Driver Download

The Epson R1150 Thermal Receipt Printer comes with a manual in several languages. It is compatible with most windows 10 operating systems and has a paper thickness of 0.06-0.8 mm. The paper width is 79.5 mm, which makes it ideal for use in the restaurant and bar industry. You can read the manual in any language if you prefer. The paper thickness is 0.06 – 0.8 mm, and the width of the paper is 79.5 mm. The Epson R1150 is suitable for most small to midsize businesses and is a great choice if you want to print receipts for a small to medium-sized restaurant or bar. So, the latest 80MM Thermal Receipt Printer Driver can be downloaded below.

Download 80MM Thermal Receipt Printer Driver (Here)


The RPT80MM thermal receipt printer features an impressive array of features at an affordable price. This commercial product boasts high-speed printing at speeds of up to 200 mm/s and is equipped with a stainless steel frame and mechanism. In addition, this model provides users with a host of useful features, including a 260 mm print width and a USB, Ethernet/LAN, and serial port connectivity.


The benefits of using 80MM thermal receipt printers are clear. These printers are wide-format devices, so you can print on a variety of materials. Compared to 58mm thermal receipt printers, 80mm models offer more paper storage and auto cutter. They also require fewer paper changes, which can save money in the long run. You can download the driver and install the printer quickly and easily.


When buying a thermal receipt printer, you need to consider the size of the paper roll that you will use. Paper roll sizes vary, so it’s important to determine which one will work with your receipt printer. Searching for a specific model number on Google will give you a list of compatible products. Be sure to check the paper roll size recommended by the manufacturer. After that, you can choose the right type of paper.

Ink cartridges:

Thermal receipt printers use special thermal paper. It is a special paper with a chemical that changes color when it is heated. This kind of printer is usually used in dark or quiet places. However, this type of paper does not feel like standard paper. That’s why it’s important to have an extra supply of paper with you when you use it. Also, it’s important to store the thermal receipts you print carefully.

Ink lasts for a long period of time:

To use this printer properly, you must follow the instructions provided on the driver download site. Check the LED indication pattern and see if it matches the error content. If this fails, you can replace the ink ribbon. The paper has to be set correctly. In case of an incorrect setting, the printer will not print properly. You need to ensure that the paper is thermal paper.


To install a thermal receipt printer, you first have to install the pos print server. You will need to install the pos print server and the thermal receipt printer driver. You can install the pos print server by following these instructions. After completing these steps, you can install the receipt printer on any pos station running amigos. The printer driver is an essential part of the installation process. Here are some helpful tips:


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