58mm Thermal Printer Driver for Windows

18 Jan 2023

How to Find a 58mm Thermal Printer Driver?

If you are using a 58mm thermal printer, you need to make sure you install the right drivers in order to keep your device working. You can search for the driver on your computer, but there are also some websites that you can visit to find a driver for a 58mm thermal printer.

Download 58mm Thermal Printer Driver (Here)

Everycom EC-58 Printer:

Everycom EC-58 is a compact, portable, thermal printer that offers reliable printing and low maintenance costs. This printer comes with a 1-year warranty in India and 164+ countries. The printer features an ENERGY STAR power supply. It also has an RS-232 Serial, USB, and Bluetooth communication interfaces, making it a versatile, mobile printer.

Everycom EC-58 is a thermal printer with an excellent water-resistant structure. It also features a large input buffer and a low noise level. With a 58mm width, it is also a versatile, energy-efficient printer.

Aside from its sleek design, this printer is also user-friendly. It includes a simple-to-use LCD display and easily functional buttons. Also, the print job status is shown on the LCD, making it easier to track your print jobs.

Ocpp 585 58mm USB Thermal Receipt Printer With Driver:

The Ocpp 585 USB thermal receipt printer is the perfect way to spruce up your countertop. It’s got a little more heft than your average POS printer, but it’s not nearly as heavy as the desktop cousins. And while it does require a little bit of fiddling around to get it up and running, the results are worth the effort. You’ll be on your way to a less crowded storefront in no time. That’s a good thing since that’s where most of your business is likely to be.

While you’re at it, you might as well check out the Ocpp 585 USB Thermal Receipt Printer with Driver and Software. This is a fairly new entry in the POS category, but it’s a worthwhile investment for the small business owner looking to improve the bottom line.

XP-58IIK Thermal Printer Driver:

If you are looking for a cheap and cheerful desktop thermal printer for your business, consider the XP-58IIK from Xprinter. This sleek little machine offers a slew of standard features such as a standard paper feeder and a snazzy-looking rotary dial. With a low-profile design, this one will fit into any room with minimal fuss. You can also pick it up for as little as $130 from the likes of Amazon and Costco. Plus, it is backed by a full one-year warranty with no questions asked. The company also has an extensive line of other office products and printers if you are looking to replace a stale or ratty printer or two.

RawBT Thermal Printer Driver for Android:

If you are using an Android mobile phone to print, you can install the RawBT 58mm Thermal Printer Driver. It makes the process of printing faster and easier. Using this app, you can easily print text and images from your phone. This is a great application for you to download. You can find it in the AppStore or in Google Play.

Moreover, the application also supports you to print graphics and documents. Besides, you can connect it to multiple POS software. So, you can print cashier tickets, electricity bills, mobile scratch cards, etc. And it has reliable performance.

The application is free to download. Moreover, it is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. However, you will need to download the printer controller first.


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